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How do I Decorate for a Backyard Bash?

Summer is here! That likely means you’re planning some sort of dinner party, girl’s night, backyard bonfire, or barbeque. It is the prime season for hosting outdoor events, day and night, so it’s important that your home is ready for guests. The lighting is a key factor—the first thing your friends notice. French Market Lanterns enhance the curb appeal of your home 100 fold, but you may consider ditching your old pole lanterns for something more modern. Hanging lanterns flanking the entryway to your front door will cast a warm glow and give a comforting vibe from the get-go. Hanging lanterns provide a cleaner look to your home, while lanterns on poles can actually distract the eye.

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In the backyard, picture the patio lit with lanterns hanging from your pergola. It’s a creative way to create light, whether you use real candles or electric lights, and it’s a relatively hassle free project. Forget the expensive models that come already wired. Instead, buy lanterns fit for candles; they are much cheaper and better suited for this project. (There are even lanterns that look like mason jars on the market if you are aiming for a southern themed outdoor area.) I promise, you can’t even fathom the endless styles that are available for purchase. If your pergola is white wood, there are white wood options. If you’ve got a dark stained pergola, we’ve got black lanterns, brass lanterns, and pewter lanterns. The good news is you don’t need 15 lanterns because just a few strategically placed pieces will bring new charm to your outdoor area. You could also hang four lanterns, one near each post, if you prefer symmetry like I do.

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If you already display lanterns on poles, I don’t need to convince you of their timeless charm. However, hanging lanterns accomplish everything the pole lanterns do but in an easy, carefree way. You can buy these things for less than ten dollars and completely transform your outdoor seating areas. It’s such a cheap do-it-yourself project, and you will love the results! The best part is your friends will be shocked when you tell them the lanterns were your pet project and not the work of a designer.

So let’s recap. You’re looking for a summer project, and here it is. Give your yard, front and back, a serious reassessment. Is your patio unlit? Is your pergola void of hanging lanterns? Get to the hardware store and get yourself some hanging lanterns. Use candles and your electric bill won’t even spike! Lanterns may be trendy, but they are also stylish and style never goes out of fashion.

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