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How to Use Lanterns in Wedding Decor?

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As Pinterest users already know, incorporating lanterns into wedding décor is completely trendy, and the uses for them go beyond what you would think. Brides-and-grooms-to-be are planning their wedding themes around these ornamental, and sometimes real, lanterns. Purposed as a centerpiece for the reception dinner, as lighting hung from above the dance floor, or as containers for gifts, these historic light fixtures have their work cut out for them. Long past are the days when lanterns were used strictly as street lights. They have found their way into our home décor and it seems like they will be sticking around for a while; they might even become a permanent fixture for the big day.

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One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen involves placing a typical glass lantern—painted wood or metal, your call—on the gift table as a receptacle for notes from wedding guests. The lantern becomes your guestbook! Your friends will wonder why no one had ever thought to do that before! As centerpieces, try tying ribbons that match your wedding colors to the top handle of the lantern and attach the table number. A word of caution: when using metal lanterns, be aware that the top metal can become very hot when containing a lit candle.

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If your wedding/reception space has a pergola you are practically obligated to utilize it for lantern hanging! Out with the Christmas tree string lights! For this, I recommend tea candles because they are cheaper, and from below the guest won’t be able to see the actual candle, just the warm flickering glow. Lanterns on hooks lining any key walkways or even the bar area can be a great touch. That’s lighting and décor—two birds, one stone. Get creative with it.

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