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Copper Lighting Company: Lantern FAQ

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John and Vicky Henderson founded Copper Lighting Company, based in Cayce, South Carolina in the spring of 1992. They were looking through the remaining stock of a local lighting factory that was closing. Among the outdated 1980s wagon wheel type fixtures and wooden hanging fixtures, were what appeared to be antique copper street lights. Inquiring we learned that these were lanterns that the company had made for at least 40 years. They had been sold through a small shop off the market in Charleston to local people that needed replacements or new fixtures for their historic homes. They were so struck with the character of the lights that we knew there had to be a wider market. So, after some negotiation, and with the help of a 76 year old master coppersmith, who was an employee of the closing factory, Copper Lighting Company was formed.

Copper Lighting Company has continued to build on the strengths of its original copper lantern designs and only improve on quality and durability of their products. All Copper Lighting Company lanterns are built with 20 and 32 ounce copper. Lanterns feature brass gas or electrical components and tempered glass. With many classically inspired lantern designs available in wall, post or hanging versions, Copper Lighting Company has a lantern to suit almost any décor.

Not only does Copper Lighting Company offer many styles of lanterns, they also offer several finish options for their lanterns. All lights may be ordered in the standard raw copper, which will patina naturally once installed on your home. Other finished offered are Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black,

Custom lanterns are a specialty for Copper Lighting Company. They can build a light according to your design specifications or modify one of their existing models to suit your needs.

1. What types of copper finishes are available?
The Copper Lighting Company’s gas and electric lanterns are available in a variety of finish options. Our standard finish is raw copper. This finish will begin to patina immediately after installation. The bronze finish is a chemically produced finish that darkens the copper, and the black finish is powder coated and baked onto the lanterns.

2. How do I know that my The Copper Lantern Company fixture will be approved in my area?
All The Copper Lantern Company gas lantern fixtures use U.L. approved electrical components and gas components. All Copper Lighting Company gas and electric lanterns are U.L. certified for outdoor use. This certification satisfies almost all local codes. For more information about codes, contact a local installation professional.

3. How do I clean/care for my The Copper Lantern Company fixture?
Virtually no maintenance is necessary, as our fixtures are handcrafted to last a lifetime. On occasion, the glass may be cleaned after the panes are carefully removed.

4. Why won’t my gas fixture stay lit?
A. Make certain that the glass panes are flush against the frame.
B. In high wind conditions, place copper pennies over 2 of the holes in the base of the fixture to reduce wind.
C. Lastly, the gas line may need to be checked by a plumber. If you wish, a wind guard may be fitted to your gas burner to protect the flame and reduce the possibility of a blow out.

5. What type of solder are The Copper Lighting Company made with?
The Copper Lighting Company gas and electric lanterns are soldiered with high temperature lead free soldier. This ensures both environmental stability and the longevity of each lantern.

6. How many inches must a fixture hang from a ceiling on a porch?
The National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z2231.1 (NFPA54) requires that there must be at least 12” clearance above a hanging gas light. However, as always, local code prevails.

7. What is the required code from the flame to the combustible wall?
The National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z2231.1 (NFPA54) requires that there must be at least 6” clearance from the flame to the wall. However, as always, local code prevails.

8. How high should my flame be?
For optimum beauty and economy, The Copper Lighting Company gas lantern lights are designed for a flame to not exceed two inches in height.

9. How many BTUs does each fixture use?
Each single burner open flame gas lantern from The Copper Lighting Company uses 1460 BTUs.

10. May I use propane for my gas fixture?
Yes, The Copper Lighting Company gas lanterns offer a burner assembly specifically designed to accommodate propane.

11. What is the standard size for the post mount attachment?
The standard post size is 3”. The Copper Lighting Company gas and electric lanterns can customize and attachment to accommodate any size post.

12. What is the size of the standard back plate?
The standard back plate is designed to cover a standard 4” octagon box. However, the size of the back plate varies according to the size and shape of the fixture. The Copper Lighting Company gas and electric lanterns can make custom back plates to accommodate the customer and the application

13. Does the Copper Lighting Company offer an electronic ignition system for its lights?
No, currently The Copper Lighting Company does not offer electronic ignition for any of its lights. For blow out prevention The Copper Lighting Company does offer a wind guard for its gas burners. For gas savings, The Copper Lighting Company offers one of the industry’s lowest consumption gas burners. At 1460 BTU’s per hour owners may see gas bills for less than $8 a month. (Based on 24 hour a day/ 7 day a week continual burning)

14. Do Solara lanterns have any type of warranty?
Each Solara gas and electric lantern is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


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