If you've got a question about our gas or electric lanterns, we've got your back. Below we've listed some of the more popular questions and answers, but don't hesitate to contact us or call (1-866-90-LIGHT) for further assistance - we'll be happy to help! We're experts in gas and electric lanterns. 

Common Lighting and Lantern Questions

Do you have a showroom?

A. Yes we do! If you are in the Houston area, drop by our showroom at 25403-A I-45 North Spring, TX 77380. We have over one hundred lanterns on display and also unique indoor lighting, lamps and accessories, plus a few specials not listed online.

Do you offer Builder/ Architect / Designer discounts?

A. Builders, architects and designers should contact us with their information and discuss trade pricing.

Do you sell parts?

A. We can supply replacement parts for products that we carry. Some of our replacement parts may fit onto others products. Please contact us for compatibility information.

How much usable light will an open flame lantern offer?

A. Open flame lanterns set a mood or ambiance for your setting. Think of a candle, the gas lantern will provide a taller flame than a candle, but not much more light. 

Do you offer lanterns with electronic ignition / light switch operation?

A. Yes we do! We have the electronic ignition option available for most of gas lanterns. Contact us for more information about these products or CLICK HERE for lanterns that offer this option.

If your lanterns do not turn on with a switch, how do they work?

A. Each open flame lantern has an adjustable valve on the burner assembly. You can access the valve and burner assembly through a door on the front of the lantern. To light the lantern turn the valve so that the gas is flowing, then light the gas with a match. Do not use a lighter to ignite your lantern. The lantern is designed to run continuously, but if you want to turn off the flame, just turn the valve until the
gas is shut off.

How much will it cost me to run these lanterns?

A. Look at your monthly gas bill for the cubic hundred feet charge (CCF OR CHF). Second, take the quoted BTU gas usage from the lantern that you are interested. Then plug in your values into this formula: (BTU per hour use of lantern x 720)/102000 x CCF
Example: Copper Lighting Co lantern uses 1460 BTU per hour and my gas bill has a .64 CCF rate.
(1460 x 720)/102000 x .64 = $6.60 per month per lantern when run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Can you convert my electric lantern to gas?

A. We do not convert electric lanterns to gas. Most electric lanterns are not designed to handle the heat produced by a burning flame and should not be converted for safety reasons.

What size lantern should I use on my home?

A. Many variables will affect the size of lantern that is proper for your application. Please measure your door height, porch or plate line height or if you have a column measure the height and width of your column, then contact us with this information along with the style lantern that interests you and we can help you select the proper size for your application.