The Highest Quality Lantern Fixtures

The CopperSmith is committed to offering the finest assortment of gas copper lanterns in the market. Our ability to create custom designs and manufacture unique pieces sets us apart, while our unparalleled customer service ensures an experience that's second to none. With a relentless focus on enhancing our products and a genuine passion for going beyond what our customers expect, CopperSmith is steadily carving a niche as a frontrunner in the contemporary world of gas and electric lanterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are CopperSmith lanterns made?

CopperSmith lanterns is located in Foley, Alabama where they own and operate a fabricating facility and a facility in China. This combination allows The CopperSmith to offer the highest quality lanterns, the fastest shipping times at the most competitive prices on the market today. 

TheCoppersmith Lanterns