About Solara Lanterns & Lighting

Solara Lighting combines the quality of old world heritage with the benefit of state of the art technology. Traditional craftsmanship in forged steel or cast bronze combined with the latest advances allows Solara to offer the most unique lanterns on the market.

Solara Lighting prides themselves in the commitment to beauty and craftsmanship with highly skilled artisans who forge, weld, paint and decorate by hand. Solara boasts of its own manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico and production facility in Dallas, Texas allowing the company to maintain the highest standards of quality.

1. What types of finishes are available?
Solara Gas and Electric Lanterns offer a large variety of finish options. Solara has seven finishes available for their steel lanterns and three finishes available for their cast bronze lanterns. Solara Lighting’s faux hand finishes have been specifically formulated to stand the test of time. Each layer of color is applied by hand with the highest quality paint products, resulting in superior durability and a distinctive old world appearance. Custom finishes are also available for Solara Lanterns, please contact us for details.

2. How do I know that my Solara gas or electric lantern fixture will be approved in my area?
All Solara gas and electric lanterns are U.L. certified.  This certification applies to natural gas, propane and electric versions of their lanterns. This certification satisfies almost all local codes. For more information about codes, contact a local installation professional.

3. How do I clean/care for my Solara gas or electric fixture?
Virtually no maintenance is necessary, as our fixtures are handcrafted to last a lifetime. On occasion, the glass may be cleaned after the panes are carefully removed.

4. Why won’t my gas fixture stay lit?
A. Make certain that the glass panes are flush against the frame.
B. In high wind conditions, place copper pennies over 2 of the holes in the base of the fixture to reduce wind.
C. Lastly, the gas line may need to be checked by a plumber.

5. What type of construction methods are used for building a Solara gas or electric lantern?
Solara gas and electric lanterns are built with an anti-corrosive metal shell or cast bronze with a heat resistant paint. Solara gas and electric lanterns are assembled using only the highest quality AGA and UL components. Each fixture is then inspected and individually tested before shipment.

6. How many inches must a fixture hang from a ceiling on a porch?
The National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z2231.1 (NFPA54) requires that there must be at least 12” clearance above a hanging gas light. However, as always, local code prevails.

7. What is the required code from the flame to the combustible wall?
The National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z2231.1 (NFPA54) requires that there must be at least 6” clearance from the flame to the wall. However, as always, local code prevails.

8. How high should my flame be?
For optimum beauty and economy, Solara gas lantern lights are designed for a flame to not exceed two inches in height.

9. How many BTUs does each fixture use?
BTU ratings for Solara gas lanterns using natural gas are 3326 BTU’s for large lanterns and 2300 BTU’s for medium size lanterns. BTU ratings for Solara gas lanterns using propane are 2465 BTU’s for large lanterns and 2100 BTU’s for medium lanterns.

10. May I use propane for my gas fixture?
Yes, Solara fixtures offer a burner assembly specifically designed to accommodate propane.

11. What is the standard size for the post mount attachment?
The standard post size is 3”. Solara gas and electric Lanterns can customize an attachment to accommodate any size post.

12. What is the size of the standard back plate?
The standard back plate is designed to cover a standard 4” octagon box. Solara gas and electric lanterns have a standard size back plate that is 15.5” tall x 6.5” wide.

13. Does Solara gas and electric lanterns offer the option to operate their gas lanterns with a switch?
Yes! Solara was one of the first gas lantern manufacturers to offer electronic ignition systems on their products. Solara’s electronic ignition gas lantern models come complete with everything you need for installation. The low voltage transformer for the ignition system is included and incorporated into the backplate of each lantern ordered with the electronic ignition option.

14. Do Solara lanterns have any type of warranty?
Each Solara gas and electric lantern is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.