Automatic Shut-Off Valve for Gas Lanterns

Automated options are available on gas lanterns to ensure safe operation and in some cases improved energy efficiency.  

Automatic Shut-Off Value

When installing The CopperSmith gas lanterns, we recommend using an Automatic Shut-Off Valve to safely shut off the flow of gas to the open flame burner if the flame is blown out.  This feature is only available on CopperSmith gas lanterns. 

Electronic Igniter

The Electronic Igniter from Primo does not automatically shut off the flow of gas, but will light the flame after detecting it has been blown out. This feature is only available on Primo Gas Lanterns. 

Costs & Benefits

Selecting a gas lantern with an electronic ignition system has the following costs and benefits:

  • Cost-saving potential: While electronic ignition options for gas lanterns typically range from $550 to $600 per lantern, the potential cost savings may not be significant. If you plan to use the lantern only at night, the electronic igniter could save you approximately 50% of the monthly gas cost compared to continuously running the lantern manually with a burner. For instance, if running the lantern continuously costs $8 per month, the igniter would save you $4 per lantern per month.
  • Break-even point: Considering the cost of the igniter, it would take approximately 11.5 years to recoup the added expense solely through gas cost savings. This extended timeframe may make the cost-saving aspect less appealing.
  • Additional installation costs: Installing an igniter involves additional expenses, which should be taken into account when considering the overall investment in a gas lantern.
    Igniter lifespan: Electronic igniters typically last between 5 and 9 years before requiring replacement, which introduces an additional cost and potential inconvenience.

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